These Dog Tweets Are Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

One of the perks about being a pet owner is being able to experience all of the funny quirks of your furry friend first-hand. Especially for dogs, there are a surplus of funny things they do for no reason at all, like using our feet as a comfy chair and hiding toys under the sofa. Check out 10 of the funniest dog tweets that are sure to make you smile.

1. The pure passion in this performance.

This is why Twitter will always be the best.

2. Two peas in a pod.

The goodest boy.

3. You don’t have enough badges to handle this.

What a cute electric type Pokémon.

4. Cancelled.

You really don’t.

5. This is impressive.

The power that dog holds is insane.

6. Don’t threaten me with a good time.

What a shame.

7. The odds of a vacuum being violent are slim, but never zero.

The vacuum is not to be trusted.

8. The worst feeling ever.

This will make you question all of your life choices.

9. Give this man a raise.

How professional.

10. We don’t blame you.

I’m sure your boss will understand.


Celeb Facts - Celebs Who Drive Toyotas

  1. Christian Bale drives an old Toyota Tacoma pickup truck and seemingly loves it. While he might be famous for playing Batman, it seems driving a fancy car like the batmobile doesn't interest him.
  2. Heartthrob Ryan Gosling drives a Toyota Prius. But he is not the only one; Leo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Bradley Cooper, Orlando Bloom, and Owen Wilson are a few more Hollywood hunks who drive the same car. These gentlemen probably choose to drive the hybrid, environmentally friendly car as a statement.
  3. Despite Mel Gibson's hundreds of millions of dollars, he drives a rather sensible car, a Toyota Cressida. A vehicle that hasn't been produced since 1992, though considered a luxury at the time. But this isn't his only car; he has plenty of other more modern rides.
  4. Mark Wahlberg isn't just a former rapper turned major Hollywood lead; he's also the dad to four kids! That means he sometimes drives a Toyota Sienna minivan because it has seating for his four kids. Also, practical parents know a hand me down car is a great starter car for when those kids start to drive!
  5. Curtis Jackson, or 50 Cent, is worth millions and is considered one of the most famous rappers ever. With all that cash, he could probably buy any car. Still, he's been seen driving a Toyota Land Cruiser in New York on multiple occasions. To even things out, he owns plenty of flashy cars too.

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