These Hilarious Tweets Did Not Age Well

For over 40 years, social media has allowed everyone and anyone to post practically anything they want to. Especially on Twitter, some content uploaded to the Internet might come back to bite you later on. Check out 10 of these hilarious, poorly-aged tweets that users might want to go back and hit delete.

1. Oh how the tables have turned.

RIP Blockbuster 1985-2010.

2. We have some bad news for you, Donald.

At least he stated a popular opinion.

3. A point was proven.

Who knew “.” could be so powerful.

4. Not so fast, buddy.

Who’s going to tell him?

5. Be careful what you wish for.

He teleported right into hell.

6. Well, at least he was confident.

Confidence might not be the key in this case, though.

7. He spoke this into existence.

It was pretty hilarious, to be fair.

9. A poorly aged tweet from 11 years ago.

This isn’t exactly helping your case, Ellen.

10. The disappointment is real.

Well, there’s always next year.


Celeb Facts - Celebrities You'd Never Expect To Own An Rv

  1. When he's not on tour, singer-songwriter John Mayer loves heading off-road in his EarthRoamer XV-LTS. This machine is so formidable it can travel over all types of terrain.
  2. Matthew McConaughey is a lover of the outdoors, so it shouldn't be surprising he owns a customized 2004 Airstream International CCD 28. And where does this RV live? It is parked on his property in Malibu with just a short walk to the water. McConaughey uses his RV as a home office for making music and working on his clothing line.
  3. Will Smith lived in his $2.5 million RV during the filming of Men in Black III and The Pursuit of Happiness. His RV comes with 2 floors, a full kitchen, a makeup area, a wardrobe, and not one, not two but 14 flatscreen TVs.
  4. Simon Cowell's mobile home is estimated at $2 million. And one floor isn't enough for Simon, so he has a 2-story RV. All he has to do is push a button to make it grow in size. Measuring 1,200 square feet, it is bigger than most people's first apartment.

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