These Shower Thoughts About Cooking Will Shock Every Foodie

Whether you make instant ramen or a four-course meal, we all have cooked at least once in our life. While you may know your way around the kitchen, cooking is a always learning process for everyone. We’ve rounded up 10 of the most profound shower thoughts about cooking that are bound to blow your mind. Check them out!

1. This oddly makes perfect sense.

940Image Credit: Maren Winter on Shutterstock

Cooking is just burning correctly.


2. Sweet relief.

Image Credit: VGstockstudio on Shutterstock

One of the great things about cooking your own food is the sweet certainty that any hair in it is yours.


3. They’re called cook-ies for crying out loud.

Image Credit: Africa Studio on Shutterstock

The fact that we bake cookies and cook bacon is absurd.


4. Looks like some of us still have some growing up to do.

Being a real grown up isn’t cooking a fancy dinner, it’s having a clean kitchen when you go to bed after cooking a fancy dinner.


5. We’re all chemists.

Image Credit: Gorodenkoff on Shutterstock

Cooking is basically just edible chemistry.


6. The experience is real.

Image Credit: Evgeny Karandaev on Shutterstock

True confidence is not using measuring tools while cooking.


7. Well, which one is it?

Image Credit: Twenty Five December on Shutterstock

Cooking products are sold by saying they can help you cook “restaurant quality” meals, but restaurants get you to come in by saying they have “Homestyle” cooking.


8. Oh how the tables have turned.

Image Credit: Voyagerix on Shutterstock

When you burn your mouth, your food is cooking you.


9. The best hobby of all.

Image Credit: YoloStock on Shutterstock

Cooking as a hobby is really just eating as a hobby.


10. Your dog is just praying on your downfall.

Image Credit: Agnes Kantaruk on Shutterstock

Your dogs are actively rooting against you when you’re cooking.


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