This is How Much Actors Make on Reruns

Sometimes, TV classics are all we crave. But, do actors and actresses still make money on shows they starred in from the past? It turns out, they do!

Ready to be shocked by your favorite Hollywood stars’ salaries? Find out how much they make strictly on reruns and read on!

David Hasselhoff

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TV Show: Baywatch
Show Residuals: Up to $4 million per year*

Baywatch is a cultural phenomenon. Most of the fans do not really remember the plot of the show, but it launched David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson’s paths to stardom.

As far as celebrities everyone loves, this next actress has made a career of making people laugh.

Betty White

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TV Show: The Golden Girls
Show Residuals: Up to $3 million a year*

The Golden Girls was a one-of-a-kind sitcom released in the 90s and filled with laughter. It starred Beatrice Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty talk about every stage a woman goes through in a lifetime.

This next actor is sure to make you laugh with his role on The Big Bang Theory.

Jim Parsons

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TV Show: The Big Bang Theory
Show Residuals: Up to $10 million a year*

Jim Parsons’ career skyrocketed for playing Sheldon Cooper, an eccentric genius. Along with his co-stars, The Big Bang Theory became a household name and earned him $900,000 per episode filmed. Of course, that six-digit figure only happened after the show churned out amazing ratings.

As far as friends go, this next actor starred in a sitcom of the same name…

David Schwimmer

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TV Show: Friends
Show Residuals: Up to $20 million per year*

David Schwimmer was part of a lot of projects, but he is most famous for playing lovesick paleontology professor, Ross on Friends. Up until today, he is still cashing checks for $20,000,000!

Continuing with popular sitcoms, the following actor still makes bank on his old TV show…

Ed O’Neill

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TV Show: Married With Children
Show Residuals: Up to $10 million a year*

Modern Family wasn’t Ed O’Neill’s first crack at television stardom because before he was Jay, he played Al Bundy in the 90s hit show Married with Children. Because of the high ratings the show got, he is still bringing in around $10,000,000 per year! That doesn’t even include what he’s going to be getting for Modern Family!

If you know the saying, “How you doin’?” then you’re sure to know this next actor!

Matt LeBlanc

By Ga Fullner / Shutterstock

TV Show: Friends
Show Residuals: Up to $20 million per year*

The gorgeous Matt LeBlanc played Joey on Friends. Much like his co-stars, he is also receiving big money from its reruns. Turns out, his famous punchlines paid off!

For this next actress, we’re going back to the 1970s…

Maureen McCormick

By s_bukley / Shutterstock

TV Show: The Brady Bunch
Show Residuals: $0 per year*

Even before starring on The Brady Bunch, Maureen McCormick was already in various commercials. However, the show’s cast isn’t shy about expressing how difficult it is to get money from the shows.

Stepping away from comedies, this next actor has made a lifetime career out of the popular show, NCIS

Mark Harmon

By DFree / Shutterstock

Show Residuals: Up to $60 million in total*

Mark Harmon played Special Agent Jethro Gibbs in NCIS. According to sources, he made $125,000 per episode, which pretty much adds up to why he still makes a lot of money from the show.

Comedian and actor, the following person on our list has dipped into comedy in multiple media platforms…

Jerry Seinfeld

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TV Show: Seinfeld
Show Residuals: Up to $110 million per year*

Besides the show’s quick-witted script, Seinfeld was a hit because of its relevance. Of course, producers were conscious of the economy when the show ended, and then and made sure all cast members got their residuals lined up. It’s no surprise Jerry Seinfeld still makes a boat-load of money from the sitcom, even decades later.

The next actor has also been successful since appearing on his sitcom…

Jon Cryer

By s_bukley / Shutterstock

TV Show: Two and a Half Men
Show Residuals: Up to $20 million in total*

Two and a Half Men is treading between offensive and hilarious which explains why critics love talking about the show. Then again, the show did fairly well when it aired.

Yet anther The Big Bang Theory actor makes the list next…

Johnny Galecki

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TV ShowThe Big Bang Theory 
Show Residuals:Up to $10 million per year*

Johnny Galecki played Leonard on The Big Bang Theory and it was a long-standing role as well. From B-list celebrities (at most!), the cast shot up to the A-list which meant the show was doing great and residuals are going to be big!

But, what about someone who hasn’t attained any money after their show was done?…

Patrick Stewart

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TV Show: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Show Residuals: $0 (as of 2017)*

Patrick Steward was once Jean Luc Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation. However, he did open up about not getting residuals from the show despite the time they spent shooting it.

Ready to learn about an actor from the UK? Keep reading!

Ricky Gervais

By Ron Adar / Shutterstock

TV Show: The Office UK
Show Residuals: Up to $1 million per year*

Not a lot of people know that The Office UK was actually a popular show! Ricky Gervais played David Brent, and he describes his Office check as “the gift that keeps on giving.”

For a more serious role, this next actress’s paycheck is still pretty good!

Marg Helgenberger

By Tinseltown / Shutterstock

TV Show: CSI
Show Residuals: Up to $10,000 per year*

Marg Helgenberger was one of the pillars of CSI and described her stint as a “comfortable niche.” Half a decade has passed and she’s still collecting residuals from the series.

Both funny and sweet, this next friend still makes a decent amount of money for her role on the 90s sitcom, Friends.

Lisa Kudrow

By Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

TV Show: Friends
Show Residuals: Up to $20 million per year*

Lisa Kudrow is a pretty underrated character in Friends. Although the show is still the biggest milestone of her career, she has made appearances in sitcoms such as Cheers, Mad About You, and BoJack Horseman.

Can you guess who the next celebrity on our list is? Hint: she was a vampire slayer…

Sarah Michelle Gellar

By DFree / Shutterstock

TV Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Show Residuals: Up to $1 million in total*

In the 2000s, Sarah Michelle Gellar was one of the most famous small-screen actresses because of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. After over five years, the show came to an end, but Gellar still makes money off the hit show.

As far as comedy goes, the following actress has made a killing off of her humorous roles on TV…

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

By DFree / Shutterstock

TV Show: Seinfeld
Show Residuals: $400 million in total*

We have talked about Jerry Seinfeld but how can we forget his partner, Elaine? Louis-Dreyfus’ stay on Seinfeld was one for the books but she was also on SNL, Veep, and other sitcoms!

Both singer and former actor, this next person on our list might surprise you!


By Tinseltown / Shutterstock

TV Show: Degrassi
Show Residuals: $8.25 per month*

Drake’s residual check from Degrassi is pretty similar to how much one would pay a streaming service. But it doesn’t really matter now, right? His net worth is $150 million, making him one of the richest musicians today.

As far as heartthrobs go, they make the list, too!

Chad Michael Murray

By Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

TV Show: One Tree Hill
Show Residuals: Up to $100,000 a year*

Chad Michael Murray was one of the 2000s biggest heartthrobs! He also played Lucas Scott on the television teen drama entitled One Tree Hill, which is still earning him around $100,000 a year!

We’ve got one final friend on this list…

Courteney Cox

By Tinseltown / Shutterstock

TV Show: Friends
Show Residuals: Up to $20 million per year*

Ah, Monica! Courteney Cox is one of the original six cast members on Friends. If you’ve noticed, all of the cast members of the show are all getting $20 million annually because they agreed to split it evenly! That’s what friends are for, right?


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