Top 3 Paper Towel Brands

Paper towels are one of the most common household products on the market and you probably have a few stacks in your house right now. Whether it’s for disinfecting kitchens, wiping down windows, or even scrubbing bathrooms, everyone wants a quality paper towel at a great price. Nothing is more annoying than having a towel fall apart mid-clean or realizing that a towel has left a trail of residue behind on windows or other surfaces. Other times, a paper towel might seem perfect, except for its hefty price tag.

Durability, absorbency, and cost are all features to keep in mind when shopping for these products. With the sheer amount of paper towel brands available, however, looking for the perfect paper towel for certain needs and budgets can be a bit daunting. To help out, we’ve done some research so consumers can make an informed purchasing decision.


Owned by Georgia-Pacific LLC, Sparkle is markets itself as a fun paper towel option, with the Sparkle Fairy acting as the brand’s official mascot. gives this brand a 2.5-star rating, with many reviewers complaining that this towel is too thin and has low absorbency. By contrast, Amazon users rave about this product, giving this brand a 4.5-star rating on the site. What does this brand have to offer, they say? For one, it’s simply fun, coming in a couple of different designs and colors (who says cleaning has to be boring?). It additionally boasts durability when wet, its color doesn’t bleed, and it leaves little residue behind. It’s affordable, too, so it can easily fit into most budgets.

It is available for purchase as a double-roll 18-pack on Amazon for only $25.99; if purchased on this site, there is also a $4.00 discount. also offers exclusive deals through email. Many other online retailers often offer weekly coupons, which can be found on their store locator pages.


Proctor & Gamble released Bounty in 1965, specifically designing it with high absorbency in mind. It’s certainly stood the test of time and continually ranks among the top paper towel brands in durability and overall popularity. It has everything someone would want in a paper towel. It’s thick, being 2.5 times larger than normal rolls. It’s tough, holding up even when wet or when used for scrubbing. It’s fairly absorbent since it has a 2-ply pocket design. It also doesn’t leave behind residue. The only potential drawback is its price tag.

A family-size 16-roll pack is available for $35.14 on Amazon, which offers $2.00 off the final price. Bounty offers both online and/or mobile and printable coupons. There is usually a $1.00 off coupon available through Bounty’s official site, with other discounts being offered for a limited time. There are also exclusive coupon booklets for all P&G brand products.


Also owned by Georgia-Pacific, Brawny consistently ranks as a top paper towel brand. It lives up to its name, maintaining its durability when either wet or dry or when scrubbing, leaving behind little residue in the process. It’s also a thick towel, making it extremely absorbent. This all means that a single roll of Brawny can go a long way, reducing waste. It has a mid-range price, too, so it can fit into many budgets.

A pack of 16 XL rolls (2-ply) on Amazon costs $28.99 as a one-time purchase. However, subscribing offers savings anywhere from 5-15% on a purchase, helping save money for those who will buy this product again in the future.


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