Top 5 Washer and Dryer Brands

One of the household chores that you cannot escape is dealing with dirty laundry. Fortunately, when you have a reliable washing and drying machine, it becomes easier to handle. There are hundreds of washer and dryer brands in the market, and their costs range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. They come with a variety of features, such as the ability to wash several loads at once, built-in pretreat features, front loaders with automatic drying mode, and many more. While it may seem like a monumental task to purchase the right washer and dryer, comparing the features of some top brands and comparing it to a specific list of needs can help narrow down purchasing options.

Buying a machine that will save money and energy

When making a purchase, check for an energy star rating. They indicate that the designated machine is configured to dry clothes using the least possible amount of energy. The dryers combine energy-saving qualities with heat and sensor-drying properties to prevent excessive drying. On a washing machine, this means it will use 25 to 33 percent less water than the other brands, on average. Saving both energy and water is great not just for the environment, but the budget, too; when both energy and water utilities are reduced, you can save money.

Choosing between a gas and electric

Typically, gas-operated dryers are less expensive to operate than their electric counterparts. This stems from the fact that gas is cheaper for most applications in the home. The initial cost of installing a gas dryer, however, may be higher than that of an electric one. On the other hand, electric units are cheap to install and only need a dedicated 240V supply line to function. They do not need a vent, which also makes installation convenient.

Top 5 brands

1. LG

LG is a top-quality brand that can handle all the tough laundry in any home. The brand has electric and ventless washer-and-dryer combos available. These models have features like:

  • Turbo wash
  • True balance
  • An anti-vibration system
  • A stainless-steel drum
  • A 4.3 CU capacity

This specific line of washer-and-dryer combos have some sets available for as little as $1599 and include the WM399HWA, the WM3488HS and the WM3488HW. Several retailers offer price match guarantees along with other discounts based on what product is purchased, so savvy customers can find some great deals.

2. Maytag

This is another brand that makes some of the best washer-and-dryer machine combos on the market. The features that come with many of Maytag’s latest products include:

  • A steam washer and dryer
  • Front-loading capacity
  • Ten-year warranty on the basket and washer motor
  • Electric fuel
  • A local team of experts for maintenance and repairs

The models go for as little as $600 each and are a favorite among customers for their superior quality and local teams.

3. Bosch

The latest models of Bosch washer-and-dryer combos have plenty of great features. They have upwards of a 4.0 CU capacity drum made of structured stainless steel. The washer plugs into the dryer for a simple installation. The product range features model numbers such as WTG86401UC, which are available for as little as $1025.

4. Samsung

Samsung has established a name for their products in terms of quality and innovation. The range of machines under this category all have an energy star and allow for smart care, so customers can diagnose issues with their smartphone. The machines also feature: vibration reduction technology, self-cleaning ability, 4.2 CU capacity, and a front-load washer.

Unlike LG and Maytag, unfortunately, these machines don’t have combo options, which means customers would have to buy one separately; each costs around $699.

5. Whirlpool

This is another brand trusted for their product quality. Whirlpool has machines that feature 12 wash cycles, a 4.5 CU capacity, a load-and-go system, and a steam washer. The drum is made of stainless steel, and the machines are front loading. However, not many of their latest generation machines have incorporated the dryer, meaning individuals would have to make a separate purchase. The machines cost upwards of $1000, making them quite expensive for their non-combo status.


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