Totally Rad 90s Trends That Are Still Popular

We all love the 90s, the decade of grunge, Friends and iconic boy bands like NSYNC and Backstreet Boys. But perhaps what truly made these pop culture elements popular was the fashion. And, the clothes (overalls, anyone?), hairstyles (with scrunchies) and even shoes of the 90s are coming back, and they’re here to stay.

Think these trends are out of style? As if! They’re cool beans, for sure.

Colorful Scrunchies

Pompjaideaw / DepositPhotos

Scrunchies: they’re easy, they’re cute, and they don’t tear out your hair every time you put your hair up. That’s why they’re back in fashion, too.

In the 90s, scrunchies accompanied crimped hair to add an extra flair to any average outfit. But today, they’re also used as a practical, comfortable fashion addition. We can’t think of anyone who’s against this fashion trend, and we hope it’s here to stay.

Acid-Wash Overalls

POPSUGAR / Pinterest

Most of the time, it’s thought that children are the only ones who wear overalls, but look back to the 90s, and you’ll see plenty of teens and adults wearing them, too!

Today, overalls are coming back in the fashion scene with a twist. While some people choose to wear them for a casual outfit, often paired with a t-shirt and sneakers, others dress up overalls for a night on the town or the runway. Yes, even models like Gigi Hadid sport overalls! Either way, this classic look can take on many different styles, and it’s a nod to 1990s culture at the same time.

Tie-Dye Everything

Vogue Brasil / Pinterest

Along with flashing neon colors, tie-dye was another vastly popular color trend in the 90s that’s come back. Although tie-dye first became popular in the 60s and 70s (hippies, we see you), it also made a mark in the 90s, especially with school-aged kids.

From tie-dyed band shirts to tie-dyed dresses, scrunchies and even pants, this trend is here to stay for a bit. The best part? You can make tie-dyed clothing at home with just a few materials. This creative, colorful fashion trend from the 90s has truly withstood the test of time.

High-Waisted Mom Jeans

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Jeans are and will always be a classic wardrobe staple. But in recent years, jean trends from the 90s have been making quite the comeback. Specifically, mom jeans and boyfriend jeans are common, both loose-fit styles. And, the high-waist pant is also another nod to 1990s fashion that remains popular to this day.

No matter where you go, you’re likely to see all styles of jeans, but the mom, the boyfriend and even acid-wash jeans are high up in the trends!

On-the-Go Joggers

Kamikaze Kaizen / Shutterstock

Anyone who prefers wearing leggings or comfortable sweatpants has also likely enjoyed wearing joggers! Extremely popular in the 90s, joggers have come back but with full-force style. They’re the perfect in-between for casual environments if you’re looking for something nicer than loungewear but not as dressy as jeans. And although most jogger pants don’t come in bright, neon colors like they did in the 90s, today, many people wear them year-round.

Jean Jackets & Double Denim

Cocaranti Boutique / Pinterest

“Double denim” was also extremely popular in the 1990s. It refers to the trend where you wear both denim pants and a denim jacket, making it, quite literally, double the denim. And yes, this casual look fits the fashion mark today, even decades after it became a common thing in the 90s.

Today, though, some people take a more modern approach with this trend by wearing different shades of denim, as opposed to all the same denim washes that was so common in the 90s. Regardless, it’s a cute, comfortable way to dress if you’re just planning to spend time with friends or go out on a casual date.

Oversized Flannel Shirts

Toilet Surfers / Pinterest

Flannel shirts, yet another trend from the 90s, still remain popular. Perhaps made famous by Kurt Cobain, the late Nirvana frontman, flannel shirts are a true 90s fashion statement, especially if they’re a size or two too big. They can also add to a grungy look that Cobain emulated anywhere he went. Both comfortable and practical, flannel shirts make a great layering addition to just about any casual outfit.

The Middle Part

Everett Collection / Shutterstock

Ah, the controversial middle hair part versus the side hair part. TikTok took the world by storm with the argument that the side part is no longer “in.” Millennials and Gen-Zers might have differences of opinion, but either way, the 90s middle part is back. Who would have thought the way you part your hair would be so controversial?

Chunky Fila Sneakers

2p2play / Shutterstock

You’ve seen them: those chunky, white Fila sneakers that gained ground about 25 years ago. Today, these oversized tennis shoes are back in style, especially among the younger crowds. The best part about these shoes? They match with just about any outfit, including the beloved jogger pant. Just be sure you don’t overdo it on the white, especially after Labor Day!

Polished Fanny Packs

Superlime / Shutterstock

They’re easy, they’re compact, they’re adorable, they’re fanny packs! Yes, those around-the-waist or over-the-shoulder tiny bags originated a couple decades ago, but many people choose them over backpacks or even purses now. Today, though, most fanny packs come in modern leather styles, as opposed to shiny nylon fabric from years ago. Even better, fanny packs make a hands-free carrying companion for any type of trip, long or short.

Plaid Blazers and Skirts

NET-A-PORTER / Pinterest

Remember Cher and Dionne from the 1995 cult movie Clueless? Who doesn’t, especially with their all-plaid suits! Although the completely plaid style isn’t necessarily very common anymore, it is coming back in the fashion scene. Today, it’s common to see women wear plaid blazers, plaid skirts or a combination of both, especially in the professional world. And what better movie to draw fashion inspiration from than Clueless, a classic time capsule anyone who loves the 90s era will never forget!

Athletic Biker Shorts

POPSUGAR / Pinterest

Yet another amped-up clothing item from the decade before the turn of the century is the biker short. Though today, most people wear this skin-tight short in a dressy way, like pictured above. Still, some people choose to sport the biker short with their workout gear to make running, jogging and yes, biking, easier and breezier. So say hello again to this adorable short!


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