Treating Cholesterol

All humans have a specific form of fats called lipids flowing through their bloodstream. These wax-like substances are more commonly recognized as cholesterol. Having healthy levels of cholesterol present in our systems is critical in maintaining a properly functioning body, but having too much cholesterol can end up posing several health risks. When the body is housing high levels of cholesterol, it ends up becoming clogged in our arterial units, causing hardening of the arteries.

Most patients discover their high cholesterol levels when their low-density lipoproteins (LDL) reading comes back too high. At this point, the doctor typically diagnosis the patient with hypercholesterolemia, which is the medical terminology for high cholesterol. While facing a diagnosis of hypercholesterolemia is understandably alarming, there are many treatment routes to take that are safe and effectual.



History Facts - The Beatles First US Visit

  1. In 1964, the four Beatles, dressed in mod suits and sporting their trademark "moptop" haircuts were greeted by 3,000 screaming fans, signaling the spread of Beatlemania to America.
  2. Two days after their arrival, the Beatles made their first US television appearance on the "Ed Sullivan Show." The television special catapulted their celebrity, bringing their music to every household in America.
  3. An estimated 73 million viewers tuned in for the "Ed Sullivan Show," which was roughly 40 percent of the United States population. It was the largest TV audience ever, at the time.
  4. Did you know that, at one point in 1964, the year of their first US tour, all five best selling singles and albums in the US were by the Beatles?
  5. The group's first concert in the US was at the Colosseum in Washington D.C. It was attended by 20,000 fans, most of whom were screaming so loudly that the Beatles later claimed they could not hear their instruments.
  6. During the tour, photographer Harry Benson captured a historic moment when he photographed the Beatles with Muhammad Ali, then known as Cassius Clay. The Beatles and Ali would go on to become household names across the world.

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