Try Not to Smile at These T-Shirts

A great T-shirt comes in many forms, whether a shirt paired with a given situation makes for a perfectly timed funny photo, or in the case of notorious T-shirt typos, they’re misspelled so bad they’re good. A funny tee can really turn a frown upside down, which is why we’ve collected some of our favorite T-shirts off the Internet. Enjoy.

Dance Brother

casbycraftsllc / Instagram

Even if you don’t read his shirt, his face says it all.

When you see it.

mnmlst_designs / Instagram

Aww what a sweetie. So great to see young ones reading – oh my goodness no!!!

I’am Batman

anuarprazo / Instagram

Oof. And I’m going to report you to the grammar police.


ashleyminnick / Instagram

If this picture is any indicator, these siblings are in for a long, tear-filled childhood.

Most Highest

engrishdotcom / Instagram

Wonder what’s the most shortest mountain in Japan?

The Perfect Excuse

funtasticau / Instagram

How does one walk a fish? Do you carry it around in its bowl? Let it swim a few laps in the tub?

Michael Jackson Has Left the Building

rainbow_rocket_raichu / Instagram

Someone clearly confused pop with rock ‘n’ roll and it’s angering music fans everywhere.

Mommy’s Girl

gina_gliwa / Instagram

There’s no doubt this pup is spoiled and rightly so.

Wrong Landmark

backroombanter / Instagram

Um, that’s not where the Eiffel Tower is.

Solid Advice

tshirtfails / Instagram

Depending on the circumstance, we all could use a little stupid from time to time.

That’s NOT Grandma

cassandra_plas / Instagram

This would be fine if they’d actually hired a grandma to pose in the shirt.

Numbers Nonsense

expressiveproofreading / Instagram

What are the odds the person’s last name is “Thirteen”? We’re guessing not very high.

One Smug Shirt

phillsnel / Instagram

Not sure if this would help or hurt your efforts in a team setting.

AKA Grandma

cassandra_plas / Instagram

Either Grandma is officially losing it, or she forgot to put her nickname on this shirt.

Phonecall Gone Wrong

dalexacreates / Instagram

Clearly, the person on the other end of the line didn’t follow directions.

Awful Parents

tshirtfails / Instagram

The left one is cute, but the right one will get you reported to Child Services.

Geographically Challenged

threadzonetees / Instagram

Someone get this T-shirt designer a map. That’s clearly Australia.

Sweet Hearts and Sweet Potatoes

phdandpearls / Instagram

These two are adorable. Are they wearing each other’s shirts? Did they get the sizes mixed up? Did they misspell “She’s”? We’ll never know.

Awkward Acronym

amalniser / Instagram

Um, I think the only person that’s allowed to call your aunt “bae” is her spouse.

Secretly Savage

fun_tees_ / Instagram

The font is just pretty enough to pass as cute until you actually read the words.

Where’s the Stars and Stripes?

engrishdotcom / Instagram

Think it’s safe to stay that both the UK and the USA aren’t happy about this one.

Mixed Messages

tshirtfails / Instagram

The sister shirt would be “Don’t do vegetables, eat your school, and stay in drugs.”

Puppel Hale

neildaviscz / Instagram

The longer you look, the worse this shirt gets.


4eversoutherndesigns / Instagram

Some people wear their heart on their sleeve, some on their mood ring, or in this case, just on their plain old face.

Wrong Group Name

beconfidentinenglish / Instagram

Block of pigeons, flock of cheese, it’s all the same. Though not really.

A Common Moniker

devvail / Instagram

It’s probably the most common last name, to be honest.

Too Much Going On

lildooties / Instagram

That’s a lot of verbs that sound exhausting. What about sleeping, resting, lounging, napping?


jenxjournal / Instagram

Ah yes, nothing like enjoying some good vlbes.

War of the Logos

bjohns34 / Instagram

When you can’t choose between Nike and Old Navy, you get both.

Poor Choice of Fonts

dr.memeprescriptions / Instagram

Don’t you tell me to never do my best!

The Bandwagoner / Instagram

“Always say no to peer pressure unless it’s going to be super fun.” – Another version of this shirt.

Motivation at Its Finest

engrishdotcom / Instagram

So I can’t give up hop, but can I give up jump and skip?


charlieo_s1983 / Instagram

Clearly, this kitty values their purr-sonal space.


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