Twitter Asked Its Users to Roast 2020 and the Replies Are Hysterical

2020 was a hard year. With all of the chaos that ensued, it felt like the longest year to date. Just when you think the year couldn’t get crazier, it usually did. Twitter recognizes how absolutely insane 2020 has been, as they recently tweeted asking their uses to roast this chaotic year. Check out 10 of the most hilarious replies that are insanely relatable.

1. They didn’t have to go this hard.

But neither did 2020.

2. This one is spot on.

Oh, the disappointment.

3. Incredible comparison.

Pretty accurate.

4. If 2020 was a person.

The worst kind of person there is.

5. Now this is hardcore.

We wouldn’t wish that upon anyone, but we’ll make an exception just this once.

6. It all blends together at this point.

Seriously, though. What happened to the murder hornets?

7. Please don’t speak this into existence.

A movie we would definitely not attend.

8. They literally roasted 2020.


9. They’ve got a point.

Maybe wait to roast 2020 until after the New Year.

10. No thoughts. Head empty.

The year has left some of us defeated.


Celeb Facts - Perfumes That Our Fave Celebrities Actually Wear

  1. Hailey Bieber told Elle Australia I don't know what the name of mine is, but all the bottles are in the shape of a star, and mine is red and has music notes on it. It smells awesome. Turns out the scent in question was from Bond No. 9 and is called Westside. A bottle currently runs between $230-$330.
  2. British model Suki Waterhouse told Harper's Bazaar that she is not one who regularly wears perfume. However, she continued to say that it is usually a fragrance by Ferragamo if she is wearing perfume. She usually just uses essential oils when she bathes to give herself a natural scent.
  3. Model and Mommy Ashley Green told Eonline that her go-to scent is by Chloé; I cannot live without my Chloé perfume. Chloé is a soft, feminine scent, so it is easy to understand why Green loves it. The great news is a bottle runs around $50, so you can enjoy the beautiful fragrance as well.
  4. Kate Moss prefers Cerf Blanc by La Maison Hedonique. The bouquet is natural and has top notes of cardamom, leather, and cedarwood, the opposite of many floral scents on the market. Their website offers a trial size for about $10, but after that, you'll need to shell out over $100 for a 30ML bottle.
  5. Susan Sarandon actually prefers to wear men's fragrances; she says her love of the scent sandalwood leads her in that direction. One perfume she likes is Eva from the Italian perfumer Santa Maria Novella. The perfumery started in 1612 and is still churning out scents people love.

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