Unbelievable iPhone 8 Offers and Pricing

The iPhone 8 is one of Apple’s most popular devices. It’s not hard to see why, either! This smooth device features a glass body available in several fun colors like Space Gray and Gold. Better yet, the iPhone 8 has wireless charging capabilities, an A11 processor, true tone displays, and an enhanced camera. Launched in September 2017, it is available in 64GB and 256GB options.

Those looking to switch carriers or just upgrade their current device need to know that they don’t have to pay full price for an iPhone 8 this year. It’s possible to finance the iPhone 8, pay it up front, or trade in a device for it.

When Apple first released this device, the retail price started at $699.99 for the 64GB version and $849.99 for the 256GB option. Now, years later, that price has dropped. Many phone carriers even offer additional discounts through their financing programs, trade-in deals, and new line discounts.

Below are some of the carriers that offer the best deals for getting an iPhone 8.


At this time, Verizon only offers monthly installments for an iPhone 8. Options include:

  • 64GB for $24.99/month for 24 months with no down payment.
  • 256GB for $31.24 for 24 months and no down payment.

With Verizon’s device payments, it’s easy to pay off the device at any time. When it comes to trade ins, Verizon will offer the market value of device as bill credit within one to two billing cycles. Customers can check their device’s trade-in value on the Verizon Wireless website using their trade-in estimate tool.

Verizon also offers great deals for used phones. The company’s certified pre-owned devices come with a 90-day warranty, insurance options, and 14-day return period in case customers do not like the device. It’s possible to get a certified pre-owned iPhone 8 (64GB in great condition) from Verizon Wireless for $449.99. This price must be paid up front.


T-Mobile currently only offers a trade-in deal for the iPhone 8. It’s possible to get up to $350 off a new iPhone 8 with a device trade in. The up-to-$350-off deal can only be applied with a device payment purchase. It’s possible to get the device shipped and delivered within two days as T-Mobile has a two-day, new activation offer.

T-Mobile is not currently selling any certified pre-owned iPhone 8 devices.


Cricket is a prepaid carrier; therefore, they do not offer any monthly payment options. This means the device must be paid for up front. An iPhone 8 through Cricket goes for the retail price of $599.99. At the time of writing, only the 64GB iPhone 8 is in stock.

Boost Mobile

Eligible individuals can get up to $100 off the retail price when purchasing the iPhone 8 through Boost. However, the device will have to be locked to a Boost Mobile contract for a year. The offers are:

  • 64GB for $499.99
  • 256GB for $649.99.


It’s easier than ever to get an iPhone 8 at a great cost. Those who prefer a prepaid plan can look to Boost Mobile or Cricket for the best deals. Those who want a monthly payment plan can check out Verizon and T-Mobile.

Disclaimers: Sellers and manufacturers have not independently verified the information on this page. Prices and conditions may vary and fluctuate. Additional terms and conditions may apply than listed here. Confirm rates and deals with the carriers.


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