40 Unique Photos With Perfect Timing

When a photo is timed just right, it can be something truly magical. Perfect timing, combined with the right lighting and angle, makes for great photography, from breathtaking views of the natural world to blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments of wonder.

Timed just right, here are just a few unique photos we can’t take our eyes off of.

Fishing stick

Stephane Ducandas/www.twobytwo.co

Photography can really capture a single moment in time. The composition in this photo is incredible. This local man is fishing the way his elders taught him. Not many people can say they can catch fish with a stick. The transparency of water actually aids the fisherman because he can see the fish before leaping to catch it. It is fair to say that this man learned well from his elders. The fish did not see that coming.

Vapor trails of a bald eagle

Pam Mullins/The Telegraph

This is one of the greatest wildlife photos ever taken. The timing of this image is impeccable. Here, we can spot the vapor trials of an airplane or perhaps a jet perfectly aligned with the bald eagle’s talons. Making it seem like it’s the trajectory the eagle choose as it sours through the sky. This image creates an illusion of speed. No wonder why eagles are a symbol of grandiosity.

Pier beauty

John H. Moore/flickr

Considering the sun doesn’t always set in the same place every day, this kind of picture only happens once a year. Everything about this photo is splendid. It makes the pillars of the pier look somewhat mystical and the reflection of the sunset on the wet sand adds an extra tint of beauty. What a day to be alive!

Lighting only strikes once


Surely many people have seen a rainbow. Now, who’s ever seen a plane fly through a rainbow and get hit by lighting? Not many of us. This is exactly what we see in the photo. It’s definitely a rare phenomenon, it probably only happens once in a lifetime. The photographer was fortunate enough to see it, but the passengers not so much.

Supermodel dog


This dog deserves a treat or perhaps even a prize. This image is a magnificent example of when everything falls into place within the frame of the photo. The graffiti is very well done and the dogs posture lines up with the graffiti just as well. You are probably asking how did everything fall into place like? Maybe someone was holding a treat behind the camera. Regardless, this dog could be hired as a supermodel.

Flamingo shaped by flamingos

Robert Hass/National Geographic

What are the chances of this happening, let alone someone being there to capture it? Well, this man was there to live this moment and he’s probably one in a million to witness it. He can consider himself one of luckiest photographers alive. He also made the right choice when he took this picture from above. This way we can see it all. Perhaps the flamingo knew he was there and decided to impress him. Either way, it’s a win, win for all of us.

Fly Santa!


In case you were worried if the inflation would stop Santa, he’s your answer. He’s coming full throttle this year. This yet another perfectly timed moment. This image was captured in the exact moment the older man got some air time as he’s sledding down the hill. It makes it look like he’s about to fly. Maybe he is. Either way, see you soon Santa!

Bursted Bubble

Richard Heeks/imgur

It is a known fact that bubbles burst quickly. To capture this exact moment with a camera, impeccable timing is required. It’s nearly impossible to get a picture like this at first, so we can only imagine how many clicks the photographer had to take before capturing it. His persistence made it all worth it.

The moon’s altar

Mo Aoun/500px.com

In a night like this, as seen in this picture, the moon needs an altar and this is exactly what it looks like. Taken in Dubai, this is a picture of one of Dubai’s most famous hotels. Here, the placement of the moon makes it look like it’s been held up by that hotel structure, but in reality it’s just in the background of that picture. All hail the moon!

Nature’s spectacle

Olafur Ragnarsson/National Geographic

Being able to witness a volcano eruption is a rarity in itself. Here, we not only see that, but we also see a full moon exactly above it. All elements in this photo are phenomenal and it gives an appearance that the full moon is on fire. It’s a display of nature rarely seen by humans. This photographer should have this picture framed.

The Bodhi Tree


It is said that in the early years of Siddartha, (before he became Buddha) he would sit under a tree and meditate everyday. The tree was called Bodhi Tree and this is what it probably looked like. In this image, we see the shine shinning through the leaves of the tree. All natural elements aligned for this picture to take place and we are glad it did.

Sun thief!


The sun was either setting or rising once this truck was cruising through the highway making it look like it’s carrying the sun along for the ride. Or maybe this truck driver is a thief who’s trying to steal the sun. Well, he would be dumb to do so because we would all be doomed. Watch out for the sun thief!

Mini wave

Grant Ly/sites.google.com/view/grantly/surf/lake-tahoe

This image is truly a spectacular motion frozen in time. It’s a picture of a miniature wave probably about to break near the shore. Everything about this composition is great. In fact, the water is so clear that we can even see the sand, making this look like a glass sculpture. This is nature’s at its finest. Luckily someone had the vision and talent to capture this.

Shuttle launch

Richard Silvera/500px.com

Surely, the message this pilot would send to the NASA headquarters would be, “Huston, we’ve got no problems.” This image portrays a feeling of peace. However, there was a lot of controversy around this picture. People said it was taken on ground level with low clouds, while others mentioned it was a composite of two pictures. But let’s pretend this rocket is about launch. That would surely be a great timing if this was the case.

Owl hunt

Tom Samuelson/tomsamuelson.zenfolio.com

If we allow our innocence to speak louder, we could say this intimidating owl is only dropping the mice off (like an Uber). But certainly from the looks of this owl and the vulnerability of the mice, that is surely not the case. This mice is in the owl’s menu. Imagine how the picture would look like right after this moment. It would look a little more graphic. Good job photographer.

Ocean blanket

Tina Sokolovskaya/tinasokolovskaya.com

If the ocean was a blanket it would look exactly like this, but you won’t find it in any Bed, Bath & Beyond. In all seriousness, the amount of work put into this photo is visible. We can notice that it took awhile for the man with the camera to get this shoot and the model probably got wet numerous times. It almost seems like the model’s body could stop the tide. Hard worked paid off in the end.


Alex Thomas Racing/Facebook

This is an image that required a lot of planning beforehand and probably during the process as well. We can assume it’s a photo shoot for Hugo Boss. For this picture it required a great photographer, an outstanding sailing boat captain and a model that had an even better balance. Everything worked out. But it leaves one question up in the air. How did the model get out there after it was done? Hopefully he knew how to swim.



This image could be considered the most dramatic of the 20th century. It’s also a very disturbing image considering the historical context. This picture was taken during the 9/11 attacks. Here, we see a man falling from the World Trade Center, most likely escaping from the smoke and/or the fire that consumed the towers. This image defines desperation. What a dramatic picture to capture during such chaotic times.

Airplane toy


Here, we can see a Buddha’s statue as his hand pose aligns perfectly with the plane passing by. This picture was probably taken accidentally because it’s nearly impossible to get such timing. In this image, it’s as if Buddha is playing with a toy plane or holding it up in the air. Taking a closer look, we can notice that the Buddha’s eye line also lines up with airplane as if he’s intentionally doing staring at it.

Stepping on the moon

Frode Sandbech/www.frodesandbech.com

Capturing a picture like this requires many elements to align such as the lighting, the timing, and the patience to get it right. Here we see a snowboarder “step” on a full moon and it looks like it was intentionally done. He’s maybe the first snowboarder to ever step on the moon. His sponsors would be proud of that.


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