Wart The Heck?! 10 Signs of Genital and Anal Warts

Genital warts (condyloma) are one of the most common sexually transmitted infections (STIs) caused by HPV. According to data from the CDC, about 1 in 100 sexually active people in the United States get genital warts at some point in their lives. Anal warts (condyloma acuminata) on the other hand are less common, but still alarming nonetheless.

Let’s discover their symptoms, starting with the one that gives the condition its name…

10. Warts In The Genitalia

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Genital warts are characterized by the small, flesh-colored (sometimes pinkish or brownish) swellings that appear in and on the entire genital area of both men and women.

These warts can also appear elsewhere…

9. Warts In The Anus

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Yes, even the fanny can get those icky warts. In fact, anal warts can be a form of genital warts. Normally, these start as unnoticeable pinhead sized warts, which may grow larger over time and affect the entire anal area.

Unfortunately, other odd bumps and lumps may appear…

8. Other Unsightly Formations

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The cluster of several warts close together may result in a cauliflower-looking formation that may feel smooth yet lumpy when you touch it.

As to what happens with cases of non-genital warts, the following occurs…

7. Itching In Affected Areas


Whether it’s in the genital or anal areas, having these warts is extremely uncomfortable. These unsightly swellings are often itchy, and can be painful in more serious cases.

That said, the inconveniences that genital warts bring don’t stop there…

6. Painful Intercourse

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This condition makes “the deed” painful. Although not commonplace, serious cases of genital warts can make intercourse quite painful and can even lead to post-coital bleeding.

Bathroom breaks are much harder with genital warts too…

5. Painful Urination


Like other STIs caused by HPV, genital warts can make urination troublesome. People with this condition often feel a burning or otherwise painful sensation when they urinate, especially if the warts appear in or around the vagina or in the urethra.

4. Bleeding

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According to a research published in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, touching and scratching these warts excessively can lead to bleeding.

But blood may not be the only bodily fluid people with this condition notice…

3. Pus-like Vaginal Discharges

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Women who have genital warts inside their vaginas may experience abnormal discharge. This consists of an abnormal pus-like green or yellow-colored discharge with a bad odor.

Men aren’t in the clear either…

2. Penile Discharges


The same foul-smelling, pus-like discharge can likewise be seen among men whose penises and urethras have genital warts.

These are all alarming symptoms, really, but nothing’s scarier than an invisible enemy…

1. The Absence of Symptoms


The hard thing about genital warts is that its symptoms kick in 2-3 months after actually being infected. Moreover, the University of Michigan Health System says that the majority of people HPV in general rarely have symptoms or have ones that are too mild to be detected.

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