16 Dogs Richer Than Most Humans

It’s no secret that people love to spoil their pets. Dog moms and dads alike love to shower their furbabies with the cutest toys, treats, and apparel, and that’s just your everyday pet owner! When it comes to the rich and powerful, they really know how to pamper their pups.

From designer dog accessories (we’re talking Gucci collars and Louis Vuitton chew toys) to pups living the high life complete with spa visits, trust funds, and private jets, here are some of the wealthiest dogs of the internet.

Prada me, please?


Regular dogs get carried in cheap dog carriers but this dog gets an expensive Prada bag for a carrier. 

Shop till you drop!


Shopping should be fun when all you gotta do is go for the most expensive designer items on the shelves.  And this dog clearly has an expensive taste. 

Nothing, just nipping on my Louis Vuitton bag


If you can chew on an expensive Louis Vuitton bag without a care in the world, you are rich enough to buy another one or more. 

This dog has got the dough!


While you are working your butt off for a paycheck, mutt here is chilling and living on the roll. No, he can’t see your envious eyes. 

A bouquet of roses for the nice lady


A bouquet of roses with a nice window seat on a private plane is something a lot of us can only experience in our dreams. Doggy won’t wish to trade places with us either. 

Red or yellow- tough decision


It must be tough for doggie here to decide on which luxury sports car to take for a Sunday afternoon drive. Poor dog.

If it isn’t designer, I don’t want it!


Most of us save for months before we can afford one designer item. But this dog cannot relate; if he wants it, he gets it. 

In love with the Coco


Fido here owns two Chanel bags that is worth over $16,000! If that amount of money means nothing to you, then you are definitely in the rich class. 

For regular people, that amount is more than two months’ paycheck. 

The grass is greener on my side


You don’t need to speak the doggy language to understand what this spotted dog is saying with his hooded eyes.  A front yard this large and well cared for, screams money! We haven’t even talked about the luxurious home looming behind.

I have expensive taste


That Chanel stiletto is worth over $3000. That is a person’s rent right there and this lucky dog got it for a chew toy- speaking of expensive tastes. 

A typical Monday, yeah?


While you loathe Mondays, fido here doesn’t care. Every day (including Mondays) is just another fun day to relax and enjoy a glass of vintage wine.

Yacht life is the best life


Fido here is having the time of his life on an expensive yacht. This is a rich folk’s business and we cannot afford to be in it. 

Mr. Bling Bling


Doggie got people shielding their eyes with all that bling. And they don’t come cheap. 

Hermes anyone?


Hermès is a luxury fashion and they come pricey. The prices don’t bother this toy poodle though. He doesn’t mind splurging a year’s worth of rent to make a Hermès fashion statement.

The art of fine dining


Is that a long flute of champagne?  Life must be ruff when all you gotta do is sit back and relax while enjoying caviar and champagne in a fancy restaurant. 

Glamorous is my middle name


Life can be ruff when you’ve got paparazzi following your every move. Thank you there is nothing a silk scarf and sunglasses can’t solve. 

Sleeping on all this dough


Life must be nice for oreo here. No bills to pay just laying on that cash that is probably worth a person’s monthly paycheck.

Chilling by the poolside


A pool this size and color costs loads of money. Yet this dog does nothing but relaxes all day while we regular folks hustle in crowded offices.

Are we there yet?


Nothing to see, just a rich dog napping on a private plane. 

Every day is summer over here


This bolognese doesn’t need summer to enjoy a fun day in the pool. Every day is summer and he is not cutting down on the fun. 


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