Weight-Loss Resolution Plans for the New Year

Happy New Year! Bringing in the new year in a special way means taking advantage of personalized opportunities that helps people live their best lives. For some, new traditions are invented. For others, reaching personal weight goals speaks volumes. These weight-loss resolution plans are great suggestions for those who would like to combine the two while contributing to an overall healthier lifestyle.

Weight-loss plans are often designed to accomplish more than just weight loss. Below are three reputable weight-loss programs that can help make the new year brighter and lighter. Satisfy weight-loss goals, nutritional education goals, and smarter meal planning goals – all in one!


This chef-created dining experience delivers delicious pre-made meals straight to the front door. Nutrisystem’s balanced ingredient choices help get bodies back on the fast-track of improving and achieving metabolism and weight-loss goals.

Participants can enjoy farm-fresh ingredients for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. They’re all certainly a far cry from an over-sugared bowl of processed cereal or a boring kale salad. From buttermilk waffles and turkey to sausage and egg breakfast sandwiches to a hearty spinach and cheese pretzel melt to dinner-bell chicken paella, taste buds will be happy all day long! And potential participants shouldn’t think they’ll skip out on their sweets! This system offers pallet-cleansing ice cream sandwiches for dessert or light and tasty lemon cooler cookies. The long, lip-smacking list of scrumptious meals makes it easy to follow an individualized plan to a tee.

Basic plan pricing begins around $10 a day for a 4-week pre-selected kit with free shipping. That said, there are also specialty plans that begin with a basic price which may vary from the original basic plan. Such specialty plans include the Men’s Weight Loss and Diet Plan, the Diabetes Plan, and a Vegetarian Plan. Additional plans are also available. Promotional offers, such as $25 off for new customers, is a great way to keep the wallet a little happier, too.

Weight Watchers

This successful weight-loss and maintenance plan has been around for over 50 years. Originally based on a point-system—which assigns points to all food categories—its purpose is to help customers make cleaner, smarter food choices while providing a community support-system network strategy to help keep dieters motivated. Throughout the years, Weight Watchers has worked hard to keep its momentum progressive. By acknowledging ever-changing food options and customer service needs, improved flexible meal suggestions, zero-point options, and coaching plans have been added.

Weight Watchers also knows what their customers love to have on hand that will satisfy cravings and still remain secure in the point system. Weight Watchers food products, such as breakfast bars, oatmeal, crackers, cookbooks and more, make this program a popular go-to for choosing a healthier lifestyle. It’s not just a diet plan!

Pricing begins with the Basic Digital Plan at $4.22 a week. The recommended Studio Plan begins at $9.61 a week. The Coaching Plan begins at $12.69 a week. Potential participants are encouraged to keep a watch for free membership trials to get started fast.


A modernized and global pathway to health, Noom performs with more than weight loss in mind. This one-on-one weight-loss coaching system combines holistic empowerment, modern science technology, behavioral health, and disciplinary strategies for improved health, well-being, and ongoing motivation.

Personalized support teams help make it possible for customers to live a realistic weight-loss lifestyle with successful common-sense and globally-inspired approaches that bodies are designed to thrive on. Participants can keep track of blood glucose, food logging, weight logging, recipes, and more!

To get started, interested individuals can download the app on their smart phones or tablets and try a 14-day free trial. Free trials are a good way to become familiar with all of Noom’s perks, such as blogs dishing out worthy exercise ideas, healthful meal planning, support strategies, and fitness industry pros and cons.

Depending on personal preference, there is a monthly payment option or a one-time payment of $199.00 option. This price is inclusive of group support and coaching. Coaching support can really be a make-or-break feature for some!

Jenny Craig

A household name, Jenny Craig is another great, easy-to-follow option for those looking to not only achieve fitness goals, but maintain them. This program has a lot to offer! Perhaps most importantly, participants don’t have to navigate the program alone, as there is counseling available for weight management. These counseling sessions are designed to help participants form an individualized plan and stick with it. Even better? Individuals have the option of their meals being delivered to their front door or they can pick their meals up at one of hundreds of designated Jenny Craig centers.

Prices vary for this program. 3 meals and 2 snacks can cost about $20 a day. With certain purchases and plans, eligible individuals may earn food savings up to $160! New members may even receive up to $50 off their enrollment fee when applying for the All Access Program.

Final Thoughts

Each of these weight loss plans offers its own personalized vision for those looking to drop weight. Interested individuals can develop a better relationship with food by learning how to eat more effectively for their personal lifestyles. These weight loss resolution plans are just a click away. Today’s beginning is tomorrow’s success!

Disclaimer: It is always advisable to start new diet programs after consulting a licensed medical professional.

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