40 Weird Haircuts Equally Strange and Stylish

Hairstyling is an interesting medium, to say the least. With just some scissors, hairspray, and a bit of hair dye, your head can become a strange, wonderful canvas. In the following cases, hairdressers ditched ordinary do’s and went straight for the extraordinary.

From bad hair days to fab hair days, here are forty strange haircuts.

Excuse me, sir, you’ve got a gigantic spider on your head.

Andy Strachan/Facebook

Imagine walking behind this man and thinking he’s got a big spider resting on his head. But that is his hair! Weird doesn’t begin to describe it. 

The helicopter hairdo

Andy Strachan/Facebook

The need to create something unique and stand out from the crowd often drives people to do dumb stuffs. Because how else do we explain this ugly-looking helicopter hair?

I am tired of losing my hats bro!

Memelogy DZ/Facebook

This man probably lost too many hats that he decided to get his afro carved into a cap. That is ingenuity at its peak! 

I just love pooping.

Kreszentia Uetz/Facebook

Everyone poops but this man apparently loves doing it more than the rest of us. 


Daily Posts/Facebook

We just found Batman’s partner Batwoman! But she doesn’t look tough enough to fight crimes in Gotham City. 

Just ruin my hair bro..

Les Serero/Facebook

This haircut makes us wonder what pushed this gent to the edge. Because why did he have to ruin his hair and his entire love life with that haircut?

The gel comb hairdo

Memelogy DZ/Facebook

This is that one haircut that ruins your career, wrecks your love life, and destroys your chances of ever finding love and he knows it.

Sir, what’s that on your head?

Daily Posts/Facebook

When you thought you have seen it all then this man shows up with his long spiky weird hair. 

I can’t hear my haters.

Memelogy DZ/Facebook

Whatever you have to say about this woman, keep it. She can’t hear her haters! 

Avatar Aang is that you?

Henrietta Codyre/Facebook

This dude wanted to save the world so badly that he got an Avatar Aang haircut. But he  doesn’t look too happy with his decision and we wonder why. 

I look expensive

Les Serero/Facebook

This man took his love for the designer bag to the next level. He had a Louis Vuitton pattern shaved into his hair and stuck a gold zipper before adding a handful of dollar bills. 

The face haircut

Andy Strachan/Facebook

Even though this haircut is weird, it looks fun at the same time. We are sure this man had a good time messing with people.

Gecko haircut

Andy Strachan/Facebook

Now, this haircut doesn’t look that bad. It’s just weird thinking you saw a giant gecko on a person’s head. 

Tennis ball haircut


No doubt this man is a tennis sports lover because he has a bizarre way of showing it. 

Pineapple haircut

Andy Strachan/Facebook

This haircut is not only strange, but the green spiky hair is also horrible. We don’t think he loved it either.  

Another Gecko haircut

Andy Strachan/Facebook

We can’t deny this haircut is colorful and distracting. We just have to appreciate the artistic prowess of the hairstylist. 

That Taribo West’s weird hair

Now to our man, Geoff Shreeves/Facebook

Nothing surprises us anymore when it comes to Taribo West and his outrageous hairstyles. The Nigerian defender is famed for his odd hairstyles as well as his defensive skills.  This is probably the least weird hair he has sported.

Wait, let me think.

Daily Posts/Facebook

We gotta give this mister a few moments to arrange his thoughts.

Tupac for life!

Tupac Eternally Thuggin/Facebook

Tupac is a  legend of some sort to hip-hop lovers. He was fearless in his lifetime and is revered as one of the founding fathers of rap culture. We have to admit that this haircut looks cool and the barber is talented. 

Lady Gaga’s hat hair

Vijay Sood/Facebook

Lady Gaga is many things and eccentric is one of them. She just has a way of grabbing attention with her outlandish ways. If it isn’t a dress made of raw meat, it is a hat made from her own hair. We have to admire her creativity though. 

Playing games are we?


All around, this haircut is impressive. Creating such a precise checkerboard pattern is difficult in and of itself, but then the barber took it one step further by strategically leaving behind longer chunks of hair to sculpt into various chess pieces. If this hairdo was part of a styling competition, consider this checkmate!


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