Weird Things Found in People’s Gardens

We’re not here to judge. Well, not you anyway. You, Mr. or Mrs. Greenthumb are bringing beauty, life, and fresh oxygen into your life and we’re here for it! There are, however, some people’s creations we might raise an eyebrow to. 

These creative and–sometimes–eccentric home dwellers have chosen to express themselves through the art of lawn ornaments, topiaries, and multi-colored plastic chairs. If we asked them, they’d probably tell us to mind our own business and give ourselves over to the power of the art they’ve created for all their neighborhood to enjoy (or report to their HOA’s). 

Either way, we’ve rounded up some of the weirdest things people have ever added to their gardens, specifically from this crazy Instagram account. You’d be surprised what we came across!

Auto Upside Down

When we said this list would contain things that don’t make sense, this is exactly what we were talking about. Whether the owner couldn’t think of a better use for an old car or they were just feeling extra clever, we couldn’t really tell.

sh*tgardens / Instagram

The More The Merrier?

As if one weirdly looking topiary with a face is not enough, this owner had to put up more. The more, the scarier, we suppose?

sh*tgardens / Instagram

Serpent Planter

The person behind this idea must have watched a lot of snake films as a young kid. To go as far as draw inspiration from them for a garden, though, they must have loved them a lot.

sh*tgardens / Instagram

Beware of the Log

While we normally see signs bearing “Beware of Dog,” this one has “Log” instead. What’s even funnier is the presence of an actual log on the leash.

sh*tgardens / Instagram

Appliance Upcycling

Who ever thought appliances wouldn’t make cool alternative pots? Well, certainly not this garden owner, who had the clever idea of upcycling them.

sh*tgardens / Instagram

Uncanny Resemblance

Ever seen bushes shaped like teeth? Here they sit in front of a dentist’s office. Coincidental? Probably not.

sh*tgardens / Instagram

Decorative Chairs

This backyard’s owner must have a lot of spare chairs at disposal, so they decided to recycle them as decorations. Look closely, and you’ll notice the black chairs look like spiders!

sh*tgardens / Instagram

Life-Size Pineapple

There’s nothing better than…a life-size pineapple? It’s so tall, it’s nearly bigger than this person’s house!

sh*tgardens / Instagram

Living Scarecrow

As frightening as the idea is, this plant is a literal living scarecrow. It doesn’t even need weird garments because it’s scary as is.

sh*tgardens / Instagram

Merry Christmas Trees

If you think pine trees are the only kinds that can make your Christmas merry, then see this pic for reference. All decked out in Christmas ornaments, these trees prove there’s more to Christmas decorations than the traditional tree.

sh*tgardens / Instagram

Battle of Swans

While some people use chairs as garden décor, this backyard owner went for old tires. Of course, two is better one, hence the two swan-looking tires seemingly pitted against each other.

sh*tgardens / Instagram

Space Saver

These house owners probably thought this space would be better if their trash cans were out of the way, so they opted to stash them in the green wall. Well done!

sh*tgardens / Instagram

The Lost One

Whatever this gate is for, we hope it’s fully serving its purpose. Think it misses its chain fence?

sh*tgardens / Instagram

House Onlookers

If house guard dogs had plant versions, these topiaries would surely be them. Just look at those round observing eyes, and you’ll know what we mean.

sh*tgardens / Instagram

Smoking Area

If smoking area signs have their 3D versions, we’d like to think this one is among them. Not only is this one ahead of its time, but it’s also very creative!

sh*tgardens / Instagram

Pandemic Mascot

Following the pandemic’s masking rule, this topiary’s owner made sure to pass on the message in their own way.

sh*tgardens / Instagram

Extra Decorations

Obviously, these fences were put here for aesthetic purposes more than practical reasons. Just a little extra, don’t you think?

sh*tgardens / Instagram

Surprisingly Bizarre

Whether this topiary design was made to surprise or scare passersby, its bizarre details just send weird vibes.

sh*tgardens / Instagram

Too Big To Handle

Just how big and strong can a cactus get? Well, we’ll let this picture speak for itself.

sh*tgardens / Instagram

The Plant Community

Talk about a lot of plants! Grouping these bunch of topiaries doesn’t necessarily make sense, but it does create quite the plant community.

sh*tgardens / Instagram

Garden’s Muse

In modern arts, artists refer to their muses for inspiration in their work. We strongly feel this weird figure resembling half-caterpillar and half-human is meant to invoke the same inspiration for the owner’s garden.

sh*tgardens / Instagram

Braided Grass

We’re sure no grass grows natural braids, so the owner probably had spare time to do this on their own. While we’re not sure of the motivation behind the design, at least we knew they had a talent for braiding.

sh*tgardens / Instagram

House of Topiary

Seriously, it’s hard to tell if you’re looking at a house full of topiaries or a bunch of topiaries with a house attached to it. Maybe the property owner wanted onlookers to solve this puzzle before entering the premises. Do you agree?

sh*tgardens / Instagram

Economical Fountain

Why settle for a pool or fountain if you can have both? Plus, this one’s a sure win-win for both kids and kids at heart.

sh*tgardens / Instagram


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