Welcome Home: These Are the Funniest Airport Signs on the Internet

Airports: you see a lot of strange, yet often hilarious things and even people in them. One of the best places to spot humor at its finest, though, is at the arrival gates, where friends and family often wait for their loved one(s) to return home. It’s here that we often see some of the funniest, wittiest “welcome home” signs ever made.

So, next time you pick someone up from the airport, and you want to welcome them home in a unique way, we suggest you get your ideas from the following funny signs!

Christmas Wishes

shareably.net / Pinterest

No, this isn’t a “Wanted” sign like you see on the news or on the street; it’s a simple, yet hilarious airport sign that shows true appreciation among friends and family. All these two people want for Christmas this year is for the people pictured on their sign to come home, and it looks like they are about to get their wish just in time for the holidays!

A Nod to Say Anything

shareably.net / Pinterest

What a classic. This guy is holding up a sign of a boombox drawing, which directly mimics the scene in Say Anything where Llyod Dobler (John Cusack) holds up a real boombox outside his lover’s window. We’re sure this guy’s friend will appreciate his kind and extremely adorable gesture!

Missing Dad

New Day Church Brandon – The Grace Place / Pinterest

Uh oh, it looks like this kid is quite upset with his mom, who apparently “quit” two weeks ago! Maybe Mom was simply tired of taking care of the kids and everything else, or it could be that her son just really missed his dad. We’re wondering if his brother’s sign is just as sarcastic, but it’s too hidden to tell.

Child’s Chicken Scratch

drivepedia.com / Pinterest

Even though this welcome home sign is illegible, we can all agree that whoever this little girl is welcoming home will definitely smile once they see this sign. To some, this sign might look like a bunch of scribbles, but to others, it’s an act of kindness! Plus, it’s just downright funny that this girl is holding up this sign with such confidence! She definitely thinks her it’s a sign worth recognizing.

Quick Escalations

noteably.com / Pinterest

We wouldn’t want to be Simon, that’s for sure. It looks like whoever is picking him up is quite angry about his selfie stick, at least from the tone the sign is giving off. Also, if Britney is done like she says she is, then why exactly is she still there at the airport picking Simon up? Of course, she’s likely joking, but still, passerby are likely very confused!

A New Family Member

Flightvana / Pinterest

It looks like this adorable little baby has yet to meet her parent, and her welcome home airport sign proves it! What better gift is there than to meet a new family member? And, at an airport, nonetheless? At least Harper seems to be extremely excited to meet whoever has been gone!

Free Loader

. RoniBunny / Pinterest

Parents are responsible for taking care of their children, but when they’re out of town, the kids must fend for themselves. Jokingly, it looks like this “kid” (grown adult, really) has missed his mom and dad and for one reason: he’s ran out of cereal at home!

Clearly, this guy is fully capable of getting cereal on his own, but he just had to include the joke in his welcome home sign for his parents. Even more, he wore a full-blown penguin onesie for added comedy.

Talking Head

drivepedia.com / Pinterest

Who wouldn’t want to see a blown-up picture of their head on a stick upon greeting their friends and family in the airport? The answer is probably most people. Here, we see two enthusiastic airport greeters who have clearly missed Mokie. Do we think Mokie missed them as much, though? Maybe not after seeing this embarrassing welcome home sign!

Secrets No More

travelermaster.com / Pinterest

Yikes! This airport welcome sign says it all and definitely does not hold back. “I know you cheated” is quite the accusation to make, especially in an airport where hundreds of people will see it. Talk about embarrassing for both him and the person he’s waiting to meet! At least he’s self-aware enough to hold a sign with this kind of a message in such a public space, though? We’re just wondering how this conversation will turn out.

Survival of the Fittest

autooverload.com / Pinterest

This is far from a warm welcome! This is probably the last thing someone would ever want to hear from someone picking them up in an airport. Obviously, the smiles on both of these people’s faces show the sign is rooted in sarcasm, but still, it’s a bit harsh!

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