What Is A COPD Flare-up?

COPD flare-ups happen when a patient’s symptoms suddenly get much worse and cannot be relieved with their regular medications. The most common cause of COPD flare-ups is a respiratory infection. Patients and their healthcare providers can put together an action plan for how to deal with flare-ups. Sometimes, they can be treated at home. In other cases, the flare-up is so severe that it needs to be treated in the hospital.

If the flare-up is caused by a bacterial infection, then it will usually be treated with antibiotics. Rescue inhalers and nebulizer treatments are often used to help relieve severe breathlessness. Sometimes, patients will need to be treated with short-term steroids or oxygen therapy.

The treatment guidelines recommend people with COPD get vaccinated for influenza (flu) and pnuemonia to prevent these common infections that can cause flares of COPD.


History Facts - The Vietnam War

  1. The Vietnam War lasted from 1955 to 1975. Although it was officially a conflict between North and South Vietnam, direct US involvement resulted in 8,744,000 American soldiers seeing action over almost twenty years. A total of 58,318 US military personnel reportedly died in the war.
  2. The Vietnam War was also known as the Second Indochina War. The First Indochina War broke out between the communist North and the French-backed resistance in the South. Due to the threat of growing communism, the US gradually took a more prominent role in the conflict.
  3. At the time of the Vietnam War, world leaders feared that communism might spread from one nation to the next. They feared it would spread like a contagion to Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and their neighbors.
  4. The Americans relied on massive firepower and air superiority. Although they won almost all the major military encounters with their enemies, they still lost the war on a political and social level. They were heavily criticized for not understanding Vietnam's culture and history.
  5. When determining whether to take part in the Vietnam War on a grand scale, US leaders and political advisers felt they could quickly take over the conflict and control Vietnam. Part of their reasoning was that it was a small nation. Geographically, though, it's almost as big as Germany.
  6. The progress of the Vietnam War was documented and compiled in a file known as the Pentagon Papers. These classified documents were shared with the New York Times by a Department of Defense employee.

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