Why Buy an Air Purifier?

The quality of the air people breathe determines the level of energy they feel, the ability to sleep undisturbed, and the health of their immune systems. What most people don’t know is that air inside the home can contain more contaminants and allergens than the freely moving air outdoors. Adding air purification systems to the home is an affordable way to decrease the particles that cause health and discomfort issues from breathing in unhealthy particulates.

What exactly is an air purifier, anyway?

An air purifier is a device that is strategically and intentionally placed in the home for the purpose removing particles out of the air. Units clean the air for a designated area. The larger the unit is, the more air it will be able to filter. Most purifying systems today are relatively quiet. This quiet operation allows people to clean their spaces without an irritating background noise that can disturb peace and solitude. This makes it a great clean air solution to use either during the day or at night.

How does an air purifier work?

The way that an air purifier works depends on the type. Each kind can be useful, depending on the particles someone wants removed from their space.

One of the most basic types uses filters that drag air through and manually trap the particles for later disposal. High efficiency particulate air, or HEPA, filtration systems are said to rid the home of over 99 percent of the particles causing allergies and breathing difficulties. Adding ultraviolet, or UV, lighting to HEPA filters is said to kill the germs and bacteria before filtration.

Ionizing air purification sends out beams of negative ions that bond with the positive ions on dust, smoke, and more. The problem is that some particles are so heavy that it doesn’t always work for every air quality problem.

Ozone air purificationis designed to create an artificial ozone to rid the air of impurities. However, it’s not safe to stay in the room when this is done. Those using this type of purification system should carefully read the manufacturer’s instruction manual and warnings to avoid any harm.

What conditions can benefit from an air purification system?

Many people can benefit greatly from the addition of air purification systems to the home. Adding this type of system may help improve the health of those in the household. A few specific conditions can benefit greatly from air purification, including:

Chronic Allergies

Allergies to dust, pollen, mold, and pet hair or dander can make sufferers feel like they have a never-ending cold. The stuffiness and cough brought on by allergies can make it difficult to sleep at night, for example. Severe allergies can have even more devastating effects on an individual’s health and wellbeing. Cleaning the air with a purifier can help relieve some allergy symptoms, making sufferers feel better.


Asthma can attack without much warning. It’s a dangerous condition that strikes millions of Americans of all ages. Allowing allergens and chemicals to freely float throughout the air in the home can increase the likelihood and risk of asthma flares.

COPD and other breathing problems

Any medical condition that limits the ability to breathe makes poor air quality a critical issue. Purified air systems may help limit the symptoms that are aggravated by particles floating around. Removal of dust, pollen, and other lung irritants offer a better way to guard personal health.

Compromised immune systems

Immune-compromising conditions can make the body sensitive to foods eaten and air breathed in. Eliminating allergens, germs, bacteria, and other chemicals can help reduce the number of illnesses someone may experience, and can promote faster healing.

How much do air purifiers cost?

Air purifying systems can vary a lot in price based on the type and quality of the unit. $50-$100 is a normal price range for a standard one. A high-end unit can cost $13,000. Many families spend an average of $2,500 dollars for air purification that handles the entire home. The differences in price will directly reflect the space that needs to be cleaned, added features, and brand of the purifier itself.

How long does it take to see positive results?

Individuals should notice positive improvements in air quality within a few hours after installation and operation. There should be major improvements in the home air quality within the first few days. Many people wonder how they ever lived life without their new system!

Having clean air to breathe is as important as clean drinking water, and eating nutritious foods when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Those struggling with poor air quality in the home might consider the benefits of adding this type of system to their home.

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