Why You Should Repair Your Furnace Before Winter

Winter season to most people means more time indoors. If this is the case for your household, you’ll probably be using your furnace a lot in the next few months. Neglecting to maintain your furnace can not only lead to higher energy bills and unnecessary replacements but can also pose serious safety concerns. Upkeeping and repairing furnaces (before winter hits!) is the best way to reduce these risks and save more money in the long run.

Why Should Furnace Repairs Happen Before Winter?

Increases safety

A well-maintained furnace is much less likely to pose health and safety hazards. Faulty furnaces are one of the leading causes of home accidents during the winter season. Fortunately, repairing and servicing a furnace not only makes the home warmer and cozier, but it also reduces the chances of unexpected danger. Electric shocks, fires, and other related hazards can occur if a furnace is left unmanaged for too long.

Saves money

Making sure a furnace is in top shape will not only reduce hazards, but it can also save a household money! If a furnace’s filter is clogged or otherwise obstructed, it can result in less efficient air and heat flow (as well as pose serious safety concerns). This dip in efficiency means the furnace will have to work harder to heat a space. This all translates into more energy use, which can increase bills.

Extends the furnace’s life

Besides reducing monthly bills, maintaining a furnace regularly will mean you’ll be less likely to need a costly replacement for the whole unit. For example, a common quick-fix for a furnace is to clean out dust. Hiring a professional to do this on a semi-regular basis is much cheaper than replacing a whole unit that became unusable due to neglect and overwork. Having a professional inspect a furnace can also pinpoint other potential issues before they become larger, costlier problems.

How to Tell if It’s Time to Repair a Furnace

Loud noise from the furnace

Constant noise or noise that is otherwise out of the ordinary is one of the most obvious indications that a furnace needs repairs. A furnace can produce noise for a variety of reasons, including:

  • There’s an issue with the furnace’s blower belt. There are a few instances where the blower belt can produce noise: when the belt is flayed or slipped.
  • The noise from the furnace can also be an indication of a more complex mechanical issue that only a professional can address.
  • Affected airflow or a clogged burner may also be sources of loud noise.

Low temperatures when the furnace is on

The main purpose of a well-functioning furnace is to provide heat. When the furnace is producing less heat than usual or no heat at all, it needs checking. The main reason why a furnace might have issues in reaching necessary temperatures is a malfunctioned thermostat.

High electricity bills

A faulty furnace is synonymous with high electricity bills. High electricity bills are mainly the result of inconsistent airflow and complex mechanical issues. Dirt from furnace filters can also rack up electricity bills. In other words, when the furnace fillers are dirty, the furnace is set to overwork; this makes it consume more energy than necessary.

Furnace inconsistently turns on and off

When the furnace turns on and off on its own, there are high chances that it needs a mechanical check. The main reason why a furnace may inconsistently turn off and on is a clogged filter (which can also make it burn through more energy). Of course, a faulty thermostat or a thermostat with the wrong setting can also mess with a furnace turning on and off. Alternatively, a poor flow of air within the furnace can force it to turn on and off irregularly.

Choosing furnace maintenance services

There are plenty of factors to consider before settling on a maintenance crew or company, including:

  • Certification and licensing of the company in question. Although there are many repair services available, a certified entity gives the furnace owner an assurance of quality and comprehensive repair services.
  • Repair service needs to know a variety of brands. After all, you want to be sure that the service you go to has experience working with many types of furnaces. They’ll be more likely to know what’s wrong with your specific filter.

In conclusion, repairing and maintaining the furnace before the winter period has many advantages. Having a furnace repaired is not only economically wise but it helps make home the safe and cozy.

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