Wild Wedding Moments Caught on Camera

Most people dream of picture-perfect weddings: the bride looks glamorous, the groom is dashingly handsome, and everything seems straight from a fairytale. Unfortunately, real-life weddings are a bit more messy, and a lot more entertaining!

We’ve gathered the weirdest, most awkward wedding photos we could find, all for your enjoyment. While these pictures probably didn’t make the wedding album, they certainly make for some good laughs.

A Shrek-themed wedding 


When you think you have seen it all, this couple comes right along with their Shrek-themed wedding. 

The look on the groom’s face is hilarious. You can see this was clearly not his idea but he would whatever it takes to please his  lady. 

We thought our panties are so cute we decided to show y’all


This bride and her girls will give Victoria’s Secret models a run for their money.  But will they be proud to show this photo to their kids? 

Uh… We don’t think so. 

Uhhh… who’s getting married? 


This bride and her girls definitely left the guests scratching their heads in confusion. But for the headpiece, we won’t be able to identify the bride. 

Let’s hope the groom didn’t take the wrong woman home!

When you are the only single person in the group


It feels like these couples had a mutual agreement to torment their friend. We can just see them making plans like “why don’t we all make out with our single friend as a spectator?” 

 Booo! Get a room folks! 

This drunk bride shows off her dance moves

eBaum’s World/Pinterest 

From the looks of it, she is far too drunk to realize she is face-deep into the dirty floor and she is ruining her dress. 

And what’s worse? Her guests think it’s cool.

Just a casual wedding photo


Imagine surfing through your parents’ wedding pictures and finding this? We understand they couldn’t wait to get naughty in the bedroom.  But taking a picture  is crazy! 

Folks, this is why you don’t drink so much booze. 

This groom forgot it was his wedding 


This groom probably did not get the dress code for his wedding and showed up in jeans and a tank top. 

Thankfully, his shabby outfit did nothing to dampen the joy of his bride. She looked excited about getting married to care about her soon-to-be-husband’s ensemble. 

Excuse me, Shelly, that’s my man 

Tim Terry/Pinterest 

Dogs are jealous animals and hate to share their human owner. So next time you plan on getting married to a dog dad, make sure his Chihuahua approves of you. 

The groom’s side looked terribly groomed


Ditching formality is one thing but the complete mismatch between the groom and his friends is upsetting. 

We already feel sorry for the bride and her maids of honor who looked amazing for the big day.  While the groom and the groomsmen turned up looking like they were on their way to see a soccer game. 

This bride ensured she remained the center of attraction at all times 


This bride thought it was cute and appropriate to wear this daring wedding gown. We are not the fashion police but this gown is the very definition of tacky. And we wonder how she felt giving her family and friends an eyeful of her boobs. 

Humans can’t have all the fun


After weeks or maybe months of waiting,  most newlyweds can’t wait to get adventurous in the bedroom. Unfortunately, they would have to endure a full day of entertaining their family and friends. 

So while these newlyweds had to wait till they were alone, those dogs were getting right into it. 

Look, we just got married

Top wedding sites/Pinterest

They got you, didn’t they? 

If we are being honest; the normal way of flaunting your wedding band is cute but kinda boring. Why not switch things up and get people to give you a second glance? 

Just another casual wedding photo


This couple will have lots of explaining to do.  We can already hear their curious kids asking, “daddy why were you eating the melon like that? Mum, why did you hold the watermelon like that?” 

We hope they have a good answer ready or have the good sense to shove this photo where no one can find it. 

This wedding party that turned into something else

eBaum’s World/Pinterest 

What’s a wedding party without plenty of booze? It will be boring. 

But you should know it is a bad idea to let the alcohol flow early at your wedding. There is no telling what your drunk friends would do. 

You may kiss the bride…Or the groom 

Word Press/Pinterest

This bride and her boo probably dreamt of this moment for so long. So we are going to pretend we did not notice that lil butt squeeze and the over-eager kiss. 

Eww.. Get a room! 


Well, not all of us like watching a public display of affection. This groomsman would have preferred his friend and the new bride to do all that smooching behind closed doors. 

When your crazy girlfriend gets you to finally marry her 


This is the moment the groom realized he is stuck with his crazy girlfriend for life. His face clearly says “what the heck have I done?” 

Plus the bride looks like the only one excited to get married. 

Who’s the bride? 


What happened to the bride being the center of attention on her big day? 

Amy has not forgotten nor forgiven her mother-in-law for showing up in a similar wedding dress and stealing the spotlight from her on her wedding day. 

This guest took causal dress to a whole new low 


Sure, if you’re having a rather laid-back wedding, T-shirts are allowed, but this can’t be what the bride and groom had in mind when they said the dress code was causal? While it’s a funny shirt and sure to get some laughs, it really isn’t wedding-appropriate.

It’s been a long day 


In his defense, weddings are tiring affairs. From the planning, right to the big day, new couples don’t get time to rest. 

We don’t blame this groom for taking a little nap on his lady’s shoulders. 


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