5 Best Treadmill Brands on the Market Today

Treadmills are an extremely popular way to stay in shape, not least because they put less strain on the muscles of your legs than running outdoors. With so many different brands on the market, though, it can be difficult to settle on a specific treadmill. To help you make this decision, here’s a guide to some of the best treadmill brands.

1: NordicTrack

The first brand many people think of when it comes to treadmills, NordicTrack machines are best known for their fun and engaging console features. All of their treadmill consoles are compatible with iFit, a virtual gym membership. Certain models, such as the Incline Trainer, also come preprogrammed with an iFit coach. A wealth of other console features—such as Android web browsers, self-adjusting fans, and smartphone-compatible sound for playing music—are also designed to help users stay motivated.

While this isn’t the cheapest of brands—treadmills start at about $800 and go as high as $3,500—their machines are known for having some of the most powerful motors in their price bracket.

2: Sole

Sole treadmills, commonly seen in gyms and hotels everywhere, are within the same price range as those from NordicTrack, but offer their own set of perks. One thing these treadmills are particularly known for are their generous warranties, which makes the brand attractive for buyers who expect their treadmill to get heavy use. As an added bonus, the company recently added Bluetooth to all six of their models to allow users to connect to the brand-new Sole Fitness App.

The brand is also known for the quality of its folding treadmills. While many folding treadmills are unfortunately far less sturdy than their immobile counterparts, this brand offers multiple foldable treadmills that are as durable as any model. This space-saving design allows their folding treadmills to be used in even small apartments.

3: ProForm

ProForm splits their models into Pro, Power, and Performance series; they’re known as one of the most affordable options in all price brackets. The cheapest new ProForm treadmills cost only $599, while $3,000 will get fitness enthusiasts the model with the most advanced features.

One thing that is true of all of their models is that the consoles are filled with tons of pre-programmed options; even their cheapest treadmill comes with 18 different preset workouts. Like NordicTrack, all of their treadmills are also compatible with iFit programs.

4: Peloton

Peloton offers treadmills that are suitable for even the most hardcore runners. The tread belts on their machines are longer (at 67 inches) and more durable than the belt on just about any other treadmill, which allows it to stand up to heavy use.

This brand offers technology-rich machines to enhance the overall workout experience. Peloton consoles feature 32-inch HD touchscreens, for one. When combined with the live, on-demand workouts the brand offers with both their treadmills and exercise bikes, users get a window into a real fitness studio. Peloton treadmills’ high-quality speakers, which makes music or the voices of instructors come through loud and clear, make the workout experience even more immersive. This brand is one of the most expensive, with prices starting at over $4,000, but with the high price comes superior overall quality.

5: BowFlex

While they are a brand best known for other types of exercise machines, BowFlex’s Results treadmills come with a variety of convenient features. Built to be extremely durable, this brand’s treadmill belts require no maintenance, and the entire machine moves smoothly and feels like commercial quality.

BowFlex’s two home-use models fall into the middle of the cost spectrum, with prices set at $1499 and $1799, and both feature Bluetooth-outfitted consoles that can estimate the calories the user burns per minute. These treadmills haven’t been on the market for long, but their overall quality suggests they could have significant staying power.


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