The Best Floor Lamps Under $300

Lighting fixtures do more than simply brighten your home; they make a statement and contribute to the décor of your living space. It is, therefore, crucial to choose the appropriate fixtures to glam your home. An awesome floor lamp can transform the dimmest corner of a living or bedroom into the most welcoming space to relax, work in, or read. Plus it can be the staple of a room’s decor. Here are our picks for the floor lamps under $300 that we feel confident in saying would complement a wide variety of living spaces.

IKEA Ranarp

The IKEA Ranarp is the best task floor lamp for reading or activities where one would need direct, overhead light. This lamp is also one of the most affordable at around $50. It is well constructed with details from other floor lamps of similar price, like powder-coated white or black, adjustable-length swinging arm that articulates upward and downard.

Adesso Oslo 60″ Floor Lamp

If you want a floor lamp strictly for ambience and you prefer the classic lampshade design that’s contemporary in design, the Adesso Oslo 60″ floor lamp is our top pick. It’s heavier than others in this style and less likely to be knocked over. This lamp looks amazing standing alone or paired next to other pieces of furniture.

Lepower Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

The Lepower Wood Tripod Floor Lamp is a real bargain with its fit and finish compared to other floor lamps at twice its price. The legs are angled outward so it does take up more floor space than other floor lamps, but the Lepower supplements the decor with its attractive neutral finishes and easily fills a large space with light.

Other Brands

Other lights that we found include the CB2 Trio Floor Lamp, Basque Arc Floor Lamp, And Adesso Felix LED Wall Washer Rod Lamp.

Choosing The Right Floor Lamp

Lamps should not only give light around your home but also decorate your space. Since they are not as pricey as chandeliers, a good statement piece is not as hard to purchase. When choosing a lamp, consider the purpose by asking yourself what you will use it for. Is it for studying? Is it a bedside lamp? Or, will it be used with another light? Whatever you purchase your lamp for will determine what its shape and size should be. For lighting up a room, a taller lamp is ideal since it could light up a larger area, for example. Meanwhile, a smaller lamp that you can swivel is perfect for desks when you need to study or work.

Brands & Pricing

High-end Brands

If you like to make a luxurious statement, the famous high-end brands of lamps are Marset and Martinelli Luce Top light, which go up to $10,000 or even more.

Moderately Priced Brands

Kichler Lighting, Blue Rhino, and Glow Lighting are some moderately priced lamps in the market. Of these options, Kichler is a sure-win: it gives a wide range of lamps to choose from and is flexible for most budgets.

Budget Brands

Lampsplus has massive discounts on their lights; check their online site regularly to score major discounts and deals.


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