Google Ads: Benefits of Getting a Certification

Marketing is one of the trickiest skills to learn as it requires knowledge of a brand or company, target audiences, and, nowadays, a good understanding of digital advertising. Digital marketers and advertisers looking to be competitive can take different types of courses and earn certifications to gain valuable skills and insights into their markets. One such advantageous certification is through Google Ads.

What Is Google Ads (aka AdWords)?

Google Ads, formerly AdWords, has become a market leader in advertising when it comes to using keywords to reach a certain target market. The platform gives its users an advantage over other competitors in their marketplace(s) with a specialized focus on keywords and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Google Ads allows advertisers to reach people in their target market(s) by using Google algorithms, consumer data, and keyword input from the advertiser to place advertisements in relevant spots where there is a greater chance of audience engagement with the ad or business. Campaign budgets are only spent when successful; in other words, Google only charges when audiences engage with the advertisement and business.

Benefits of a Google Ads Certification

1. Official recognition of a valuable skill set

A Google Ads certification, according to the official site, “allows individuals to demonstrate that Google recognizes them as an expert in online advertising.” In other words, one of the best benefits of certification is that it shows other people that Google itself has recognized the recipient as proficient in using their Ads platform.

2. Digital marketing for personal businesses

Even if interested individuals are not digital marketers, using Google Ads for their own businesses can be beneficial. A certification shows a proficiency with a widely used advertising platform. Gaining advanced knowledge of how to work this system is key to any business trying to run advertisements through Google. After all, the better a marketer knows how to use his or her advertising platform, the greater the odds of having a successful campaign.

3. Can help when asking for a pay raise

This certification can be a strong negotiation tool for interested individuals asking for a raise, as it is proof of being able to successfully navigate an advertising platform from a trusted corporation.

4. Develop the skill set to become a freelance digital marketer

In today’s growing world of online marketing and advertising, those who have the right skill set as a digital marketer can find work in a variety of places, including through freelance jobs. Google provides training and other similar resources through its Academy for Ads for those that use its Ads platform. This can be a valuable educational reserve for those looking to become a freelance digital marketer.

Gaining a certification can give freelancers an edge over their competition, as it proves a level of competency in a widely used advertising platform. Google continually updates their algorithms; getting a certification shows that an individual is up to date with current changes and trends that Google makes to their search algorithms.

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