Lincoln MKC Overview

For generations, Lincoln has been associated with luxury. The company has updated the MKC crossover to maintain the vehicle’s elegance drivers expect from this manufacturer. As a crossover, the MKC includes features sedan lovers want from a vehicle while impressing die-hard SUV fanatics as well.


Lincoln designed the MKC to stand out amongst other crossovers in the market with its sleek, elegant profile and powerful performance features. It has up to 285 hp, thanks to its twin-scrolled, turbocharged, 2.3L engine. This crossover SUV delivers 305lb-ft. of torque, and can tow anywhere from 2,000 to 3,000lbs. when installed properly! It is also installed with all-wheel drive (AWD).

With AWD, the vehicle can balance weight between the rear and front wheels. All-wheel drive makes it easier to drive on wet pavement, ice, and even snow. As a result of this technology, the vehicle can better compensate and better avoid wheel slippage than if it didn’t have it. The AWD capabilities also add a sporty feel to the ride.

Adaptive Suspension

The MKC features adaptive suspension, so customers can customize their ride with a simple adjustment in suspension. Customers don’t have to jump out of the vehicle to do it. Instead, they can just use the adaptive suspension controls, such as comfort, normal, or sport to get the effect they want when driving. This vehicle also has other intelligent features, such as adaptive cruise control.

The cruise-control technology adapts to the traffic around the vehicle. When traffic around the vehicle slows down to a point below where it has been originally set, this cruise control will automatically adjust and reduce the vehicle’s speed. As traffic picks up again, the vehicle will resume to its pre-set cruise. As a result, the need for unnecessary braking to cancel cruise or resets is greatly reduced, which can make driving more convenient and gas-efficient for owners of this vehicle.

Another intelligent feature the crossover adds is automatic braking. With automatic braking, drivers can feel more confident behind the wheel. The luxury vehicle is built with unique sensors that enhance drivers’ ability to know what is happening around them. It is designed in such a way that, when it senses objects or pedestrians in the road, it will help the vehicle brake to help prevent unexpected collisions.


The redesigned grille with a prominent Lincoln logo gives the vehicle an exceptional style. The interior, too, is designed with a luxury aesthetic in mind, featuring Venetian leather details. Venetian leather is soft, supple, and incredibly comfortable to sit on. The MKC also features Alcantara cloth fabric and rich wood trim. The result is a vehicle that not only looks good, but is comfortable to ride in as well.


Pricing starts at $33,395.


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