Stages of COPD

Understanding the stages of COPD is one of the first steps you can take in becoming more proactive in your healthcare. As your COPD progresses, continue working with your doctor to modify your treatment plan as needed. Take note of any changes you notice in your symptoms, what triggers your symptoms to worsen and how COPD affects your ability to do daily activities. See your doctor immediately if you feel unwell or have changes in your health.

The Stages of COPD:
Mild COPD or Stage 1—Mild COPD with a FEV1 about 80 percent or more of normal.
Moderate COPD or Stage 2—Moderate COPD with a FEV1 between 50 and 80 percent of normal.
Severe COPD or Stage 3—Severe emphysema with a FEV1 between 30 and 50 percent of normal.
Very Severe COPD or Stage 4—Very severe or End-Stage COPD with a lower FEV1 than Stage 3, or people with low blood oxygen levels and a Stage 3 FEV1.


Travel Facts - Tips for the solo traveller

  1. Many people are afraid to travel alone for many reasons, from safety and security concerns to being scared of getting lost or lonely. However, once you know what to do, it'll be one of the most fun and exciting trips you'll ever have.
  2. Don't be afraid to talk to people and engage with the locals to feel more at ease. According to Jack Maxwell, the host of Booze Traveler, you should talk to everyone, and not make too many plans.
  3. You might think that you'll get bored or lonely if you travel alone, but it's not really the case. Join group tours and meet other people. Hang out in hostels, and you'll surely meet other solo travelers. You'd be surprised that traveling solo is not so lonely after all.
  4. Get off the beaten track and get lost on purpose. Try out new things, and push yourself to your limits. Take a long walk. Sit at the bar with the locals and eat local delicacies. Discover new places, people, and cultures.
  5. Traveling solo is not just about enjoying a place, but it is also about finding oneself, recharging your energy, and having some quality time with yourself. Slow down and don't try to do everything in one vacation. If you're tired, take a break.

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