10 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Nail Fungus

Having nail fungus stinks (literally) since it causes unsightly nail discoloration, as well as severe thickening and cracking. While it affects 1 out of 10 people at some point in their life, it’s pretty simple to avoid.

Here are some helpful hacks to relieve or avoid getting funky fungal nails…

1. Wash Regularly

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Washing your hands and feet has become an essential health habit these days. To avoid infections, wash your hands immediately after touching an infected nail, and if possible, moisturize them right after.

Trimming is always a good idea…

2. Cut Your Nails Regularly

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Frequently trimming your nails helps prevent the spread of fungal infections. Trim nails straight across, smooth out the edges and the thickened areas with a clean nail file, and don’t forget to disinfect your nail clippers after each use.

Opt for something more comfortable…

3. Switch Your Socks

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Since specific socks can’t absorb sweat, it’s better to go for light and breathable sweat-absorbing socks. Otherwise, you can simply change your socks as needed throughout the day to avoid sweat buildup in the sock fibers.

Not every old shoe is that comfy…

4. Choose Better Footwear

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Certain kinds of shoes can put you at risk for a nail fungus infection, like closed-toe and tight sports shoes. Try to choose shoes made from lighter, more breathable materials, or opt for flip-flops or sandals from time to time.

A good thorough cleaning should do the job…

5. Disinfect Your Shoes

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Disinfecting your footwear keeps all kinds of bacteria and fungus from growing in the shoes. You can do so by washing them or dousing them with disinfectant sprays or with antifungal powder. If all else fails, dispose of them.

“Getting protection” applies to other things too…

6. Avoid Going Barefoot In Damp Areas

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As we know, nail fungus thrives mostly in warm, damp areas like pool areas and swimmers’ locker rooms. After swimming, never forget to pat your feet dry and wear clean shower shoes or slippers before going to such places.

You can never be too clean with your equipment…

7. Sanitize Nail Care Tools

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Traces of nail fungus can reside even in nail care tools, so it’s important to sanitize them regularly, primarily if someone else used them prior. Leave them in boiling water for about 10 minutes, then apply bleach generously and wipe them dry.

Sometimes the best kind of “care” is leaving things as is…

8. Ditch The Nail Polish For A While

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Nail polish blocks out the light from penetrating the nails, allowing the possible fungus to grow inside. So it might be best to lessen, if not avoid, having pedicures or using artificial nails in the meantime.

These should knock out the funk in no time…

9. Medication

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Doctors may prescribe topical medications to combat the nail fungus lodged within the affected nails. However, oral antifungal drugs are much more potent in clearing the fungus faster, but not without some side effects.

But you don’t need to go far to find solutions…

10. Try Home Remedies

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Simple kitchen and household items can help you clear away nail fungus. Many attest that applying garlic, vinegar, or mouthwash to the affected nails has been effective despite a lack of scientific research. One study, however, did affirm the efficacy of using Vicks VapoRub,

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